As organized structure, Rexair Virtual rules and conditions are mandatory as entry requirements. Please read before to send your application in our company. Failure to comply with these rules may result in the suspension of your pilot account. First, you must be agree to the following conditions below:

XPLANE 10 & 11
Microsoft FS2020

*Except all pilots received less than 16 years old before the old rules since February 2018.


Art 1. Pilot must be at least 16 years old* during application.

Art 2. Pilot must be active under IVAO or VATSIM.

Art 3. Pilot must have performed at least 50H connected as pilot under one of both network.

Art 4. Pilot must speak french clearly, and must have a good knowledge in aeronautical basic english.

Art 5. All approved simulator are: FS9, FSX, P3D, Xplane (10 & 11) and MSFS2020.

*Except all pilots received less than 16 years old before the old rules since February 2018.

Pilot activities

Art 1. Pilot must perform at least 5H of flight per months for Rexair company with as much as possible the better ratio set to 1, and connected under REXAIR callsign on networks.

Art 2. If the pilot can't perform 5H of flight per months required, he must notify the CEO via email or discord.

Art 3. All flights more than 40 minutes must be performed connected as pilot under IVAO or VATSIM and with REXAIR callsign (RXR)

Art 4. After 30 days of pilot inactivity, without justification, the pilot status account will be set to inactive. If the pilot don't send a message via email or discord within next 30 days, the account will be removed permanently.


Art 1. REXAIR CEO has the executive rights to remove a REXAIR member according to the situation.

Art 2. If the pilot don't follow up strictly all recommandations (check PIREP comments for example), the pilot will receive a "warning" message via email.

Art 3. If the pilot has received more than 2 warning, his account will be suspended for a defined period.

Art 4. If a REXAIR pilot is sanctioned from IVAO or VATSIM (Network Sandbagging, bad procedures and behaviours) we will check your account, and send a sanction according to the situation.

Flight preparation

Art 1. The “start flight” button of SIM ACARS tracker, must be activated within some conditions :

         Aircraft stopped on the departure area surface.

         ZFM (Zéro Fuel Mass) and Fuel required for the flight correctly set in the aircraft.

         Failure to comply to these conditions, may cause the flight rejected.

Art 2. The pilot must fill at least some fiels under SIM ACARS tracker :

         Airport OACI for departure, arrival and both alternate.


         Flight level or altitude.


         Passengers number and cargo mass. (set in kg)

Caution ! The pilot must respect all data values in their flight OFP : In case of regular flight, the zero fuel mass (ZFM) given from OFP must be strictly equal to the data in your current aircraft after loaded.

Art 3. Is the pilot's responsibility to check the weather conditions of the flight (during the flight, on departure airport, arrival airport and all 4 alternates airports).

In flight rules

Art 1. Slow and fast motion modes under simulator are stricty prohibited. If you have an issue, please notify the HQ STAFF via email or Discord.

Art 2. Is prohibited to modify in flight the cargo mass/fuel.

Art 3. All flights must be performed under real meteorological conditions.

Art 4. OFP must be checked by the pilot, and all masses must be set according to the aircraft performance.

Art 5. A flight leg must start and finish on an area parking.

Art 6. The pilot must include in the PIREP all needed comments in the Remarks section under SIMACARS tracker.

Art 7. The pilot must follow all REXAIR (SOP) procedures available on website.

Rapport en vol

Art 1. PIREP's are saved automatically by SIMACARS system.

Art 2. Pilots can saved only 2 manual reports per months except with SIMACARS screenshot or good justification to confirm if SIMACARS has been launched correctly.

Art 3. All points are automatically added to your account after flight validation.

Art 4. All critical events like failures or aircraft systems problems, must be reported in the remarks section available under SIM ACARS tracker before to send the flight report.

Art 5. The flight revenue is linked to the pilot status in the company, the flight duration, and the type of flight (regular or charter).

Art 6. The flights validation is subject to bonus/penalties according to PIREP critical failures.

Art 7. If a go-arround has been performed, you must notify in the SIM ACARS remarks section the reason (METAR + reason).

Fleet management

Art 1. Pilot who is flying as regular leg from a hub, must go back to the departure airport according to the next conditions below :

Duration approved
to go back with aircraft
Penalties in case of non-return
of aircrafts
Flight duration
7 days 12 000 v€ of penalties.
1h30 < Flight
duration < 4h
20 000v€ of penalties and a
loss of 4 pilot points.
Durée du vol > 4h 40 000 v€ of penalties and a
loss of 8 pilot points.

Art 2. The company provides for its pilots a fresh fleet of aircraft in order to perform all needed missions.

The pilots are engaged to perform their job with rigor and seriousness.

In case of any multiple errors, and if the passengers security are involved, the pilot will be appointed with the CEO to check the situation.

A training may be proposed in case of real difficulties.

Art 3. It's possible to use another aircraft than planned for the route, however, a needed authorization are mandatory from REXAIR virtuel operation center or company staff.


BOEING 747 AIRBUS A380 Approved
BOEING 777 (all variants) BOEING 787 / BOEING 767 (all variants) Approved
AIRBUS A321 BOEING 737-900 / BOEING 757 (all variants) Approved
AIRBUS A320-319 BOEING 737-800 / 700 Approved
AIRBUS A318 BOEING 737-600 Approved


In case of any problems, feel free to contact us as soon as possible via our email addresses: et